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CleanTotes offers dependable Tote Recycling.  From pickup to delivery our process is aimed at recycling IBC tanks, totes and containers.

If you’re looking to Recycle your Unused or Unwanted Totes or you’re looking to purchase Used and Reconditioned Totes, please contact us today so we can better help you meet your needs.

Does my tote have value?

Like almost any used product, your tote is worth what someone is willing to pay. 

Usually three main factors determine if your tote has value, or if it will cost you money to dispose/recycle it:

  1. Prior product, and can the tote be cleaned. How much it costs to clean your IBC Tote, or if it even CAN be cleaned, is a big factor.  Typically, water is used in most cleaning processes, and while some products can be cleaned this way, others (petroleum oils, for example), present their own problems when cleaned with water.  Some prior products are incompatible for re-use at all, such as many pesticides and toxic chemicals. Even many ‘food grade’ products can be considered hazardous materials (cranberry juice can have a pH level of 2.3!).  All containers must be clean and free of residue prior to disposal/recycling, so proper management of the prior product can dictate much of the cost. Units with no residual product and properly triple rinsed can have more value and are generally easier to deal with.
  2. Container specifications. To make a IBC Tote desirable for purchase, it must be made ready for what a buyer is looking for.  Buyers of used/reconditioned IBC Tote often look for specific IBC Tote manufacturers, specific cage and pallet types, certain valve types, and compatible prior products.
  3. Freight/shipping cost. Unfortunately, ‘shipping air’ is expensive.  You may have the best-looking, shiny, new, one-time use, previously held deionized water IBC Tote, but if it must be shipped a long distance, it can bring down the value significantly.  On the other hand, if you’re right next door to a buyer, it may be a perfect match!

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